My Princess Peach Amiibo Is Higher on the Pecking Order Than You

Alcoholic LuigiRemember how I’ve spoken about  how there’s a pecking order at GeekParty? You remember how many different things were higher than you (and the other GeekParty Staff members) on the pecking order? Now there are two more things that are higher on the pecking order than you.

Exhibit A:

DSCN5202My Green Lantern ring.

Exhibit B:

DSCN5201My Princess Peach amiibo.

You can place them somewhere in the vicinity of my weed pipe and my alcohol. I would tell you more directly, but I’m still figuring out the complex figures of mathematics to deduce the specifics of the situation. The point is, they’re both much higher than you.

In blackest day, bitches.