Nintendo Direct 2/14 – Luigi, 3DS Get Lots of Love

Yesterday, Nintendo teased us with an image of Satoru Iwata wearing a Luigi hat. But not even that could prepare us for the amount of Luigi content announced in today’s Nintendo Direct.

Naturally, we heard some more about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. We also saw the announcement of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team; Mario Golf: World Tour, which will, of course, feature Luigi; and a re-working of New Super Mario Bros. U that solely features Luigi.

It seems like half of the event was dedicated to the taller, oft-neglected brother. And I’m fine with that. I’m really interested to see how much of a difference the Luigi DLC makes in Mario Bros. U. The more I hear about Dark Moon, the more excited I get. And there’s nothing at all wrong with more Mario & Luigi or Mario Golf.

Though, I did hear a couple of friends complain about the continued whoring of the Mario universe, but we all know that happens for every Nintendo system.

Should you not dig mustached Italians in green, you still had plenty of reasons to enjoy today’s Nintendo Direct. But only if you own a 3DS, which I assume most Nintendo fans do. Seriously, the 3DS completely owned it today.

Nintendo Direct 2/14 - Luigi, 3DS Get Lots of Love

As Mayor, the first thing I’ll do is kill Tom Nook.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf finally has a release date of June 9th and online features were teased to be revealed in the future. HarmoKnight, a musical downloadable game from Game Freak that fans of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will undoubtedly eat up, is coming March 28th. Donkey Kong Country Returns, one of the better Wii games to get released after most core gamers sold the system, is getting ported in spectacular 3D.

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit disappointing that Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is just a port, but it’s still a chance for people to see why the game was so great. I’m not sure why they couldn’t also re-release it for the Wii U eShop, but I’m not Nintendo’s Business Director. Sadly.

Still, we got a release date for Animal Crossing and a lot of continued love in the Mario universe. A great day to be a 3DS owner. Or a fan of Luigi. And if you’re reading GeekParty, we assume the latter to be true. Well, at least this guy does: