No Man’s Sky Still Leaves Me Breathless

No Man's Sky Logo

Like so many other people with eyes and brains and hearts, I’ve harped over how awesome No Man’s Sky looks. But I feel the need, as new media continues to surface, to harp some more.

This game looks incredible.

Only time and first hand experience will tell, but even if this game is only half as good as it looks, my excitement level is justified. Even then, No Man’s Sky still looks like it is going to blow my puny little mind.

To be fair, there is a good deal of pop-up occurring in these videos. But considering the immense nature of the game world, that is far from a deal breaker. This game continues to impress and, thus far, is my must-play game of 2015. It looks like nothing I’ve played before, but something I’ve always wanted to play.

Obviously, we need more details concerning story elements, mission objectives, and play mechanics to help fill in the picture a little. Right now it looks like you’ll spend most of your time just flying around and landing, which is still enough to sate my space exploration appetite. However a more concentrated purpose would also be nice.