North America Is Only Getting New 3DS in XL Size

Fixed that logo for you, you ultra bastards.

Fixed that logo for you, you ultra bastards.

It was recently announced that Nintendo’s newest model of the 3DS, cleverly called the “New 3DS” will only be coming to North America in its XL size. The normal sized variety has interchangeable face plates much like the GBA Micro. This model has already been released in Japan, Australia, and Europe, but is not being planned for release in the United States and Canada.

Why? There is speculation that that the 3DS XL oversold the original 3DS by a large margin in North America (based on the fact that it did in Japan), so that might be a reason. Plus, there’s the alleged problem Nintendo has with finding shelf space (a fact that caused certain amiibo figuress to become arbitrarily rare here).

Personally, I think it’s because they just hate us.

It’s also worth noting that neither model of the New 3DS comes with an AC adapter in any region. What were they thinking? Your guess is as good as mine.