Other Ways to React to the Silent Hills Announcement

In a recent article, Adam stated that there was only one appropriate way to react to the Silent Hills announcement. There is no possible way he could have been more wrong. There are all kinds of ways to react to the big reveal, and some of them don’t even involve Troll 2

You could try to maintain a calm exterior even though every part of your being is screaming with joy.

You could give in a little and say what you really want to say.

Or, you could just give in completely and dance your sexy heart out.

You could express your feelings in song.

You could throw money in an attempt make the game arrive sooner.

money dance gif

You could even quote other Troll 2 lines for no reason at all.

So shame on you, Adam, for trying to tell us how to feel. This is GeekParty. This is the Internet. And we’ll celebrate Silent Hills any way we damn please.