Panel of the Week – Butter, Boomsticks, and Bad Puns


Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, Mandi made chicken boo jokes. This week, she’s laughing at terrible puns.

In order to put together Panel of the Week, I have to read and re-read comics, which means I have the chance to appreciate all sorts of little details. When I look at a comic over and over, I’m way more likely to pick up on goofy facial expressions and wacky background antic.

Sometimes, though, I know I have a winner straight off the gate. And more often than not, those winners feature beautiful art or bad, bad humor. From dead bodies to dill pickles, this is Panel of the Week!

I feel like this panel is going to come in handy someday.
potw adventure time marcyImage Source: Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift #2 by BOOM! Studios. Art by Carey Pietsch.

I’m a sucker for a good “No more mutants” joke. potw xforceImage Source: X-Force #15 By Marvel Comics. Art by Rock-He Kim.

I like to imagine that Vader keeps a planner outlining his daily murdering schedule.potw vader #1Image Source: Darth Vader #1 by Marvel Comics. Art by Salvador Larroca

I should probably be disgusted by this, but I’m mostly fascinated. Mostly.southern bastards butterImage Source: Southern Bastards #7 by Image Comics. Art by Jason Latour.

Quite a mouthful for a marvel!shutterImage Source: Shutter #9 by Image Comics. Art by Owen Gieni.

Art imitates life.resurrectionistsImage Source: Resurrectionists #4 by Dark Horse Comics. Art by Maurizio Rosenzweig.

This is the best picture of Bruce Wayne getting shot in the stomach I’ve ever seen.harley quinnImage Source: Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special #1 by DC Comics. Art by Ben Caldwell.

Your mouth says “ew,” but your weird facial expression says something else entirely.all-new x-menImage Source: All-New X-Men #36 by Marvel Comics. Art by Mahmud Asrar.

This is the most adorable death threat I’ve ever seen. secret sixImage Source: Secret Six #2 by DC Comics. Art by Ken Lashley.

I should be ashamed at how hard I laughed at this, but I’m really, really not.bravest warriorsImage Source: Bravest Warriors #29 by BOOM! Studios. Art by Ian McGinty.