Panel of the Week – Hitler and Dinosaurs

Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, Mandi made snack-food discoveries. This week, she’s learning about dinosaurs.

It’s Dinosaur Week here at GeekParty, so I decided to read a bunch of comics about Hitler.

I’m only partially kidding.

While my comics this week were strangely Führer-centric, I did manage to dig up a few dinosaur-goodies. To sweeten the pot, I also tracked down Batman, Rocket Raccoon, and a bunch of shirtless guys. From time travel to toilets, this is Panel of the Week!

Dinosaur-following is far more challenging than you might think.ei8htImage Source: Ei8ht #1 by Dark Horse Comics. Art by Rafael Albuquerque.

That’s a lot of shirtless dudes for a Wonder Woman comic.wonder womanImage Source: Wonder Woman #39 by DC Comics. Art by Batt and David Finch.

This is much funnier when you realize the angry beggar is actually Hitler.ivan comicsImage Source: Ivar Timewalker #2 by Valiant Entertainment. Art by Clayton Henry.

You might say Rocket and Groot have a cosmic understanding.rocket raccoonImage Source: Rocket Raccoon #8 by Marvel Comics. Art by Filipe Andrade.

It’s actually kind of pretty, for the apocalypse. the valiantImage Source: The Valiant #3 by Valiant Entertainment. Art by Paolo Rivera.

The colors on this panel (courtesy of Antonio Fabela) are legitimately fantastic. lokiImage Source: Loki: Agent Of Asgard #11 by Marvel Comics. Art by Lee Garbett.

Hitler on the toilet is always comedy. Always.multiversityImage Source: Multiversity Mastermen #1 by DC Comics. Art by Jim Lee.

Nose-reading is a lost art.grooImage Source: Groo: Friends and Foes #2 by Dark Horse Comics. Art by Sergio Aragones.

I see Drax as more of a Sam Eagle/Miss Piggy hybrid. legendary star lordImage Source: Legendary Star-Lord #9 by Marvel Comics. Art by Paco Medina.

You asked for dinosaurs. We gave you dinosaurs chewing on giant monsters. terrible lizardImage Source: Terrible Lizard #4 by Oni Press. Art by Drew Moss.

Iron Fist consistently has the prettiest onomatopoeia in comics.iron fistImage Source: Iron Fist: Living Weapon #9 by Marvel Comics. Art by Kaare Andrews.

Some may say this panel has too many batmen. I would say you can never have too many batmen.batman eternalImage Source: Batman Eternal #46 by DC Comics. Art by Alessandro Vitti.