Panel of the Week – Professor Pyg, Proposals, and Pronouns

Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, demons played LEGO. This week, love is in the air.

I’ve been known to say that I dislike romance, but that’s not exactly true. I like romantic things just fine; I just like being curmudgeonly about romance more.

Most weeks, anyway.

From kisses to Kitty Pryde, this is Panel of the Week!

“We like to think of ourselves as equal opportunity Bat-slayers.”potw convergenceImage Source: Convergence #3 by DC Comics. Art by Jason Paz and Stephen Segovia.

Breaking protocol sure is pretty.potw divinityImage Source: Divinity #3 by Valiant Entertainment. Art by Trevor Hairsine.

I love a practical costume.all-new x-menImage Source: All-New X-Men #40 by Marvel Comics. Art by Mahmud Asrar.

“I wasn’t even supposed to be here today!”ivarImage Source: Ivar Timewalker #4 by Valiant Entertainment. Art by Clayton Henry.

At long last, Dexter Morgan’s true origin story is revealed!convergence swamp thingImage Source: Convergence: Swamp Thing #1 by DC Comics. Art by Kelley Jones.

Oh man. That does sound super adorable.kaptaraImage Source: Kaptara #1 by Image Comics. Art by Kagan Mcleod.

Somewhere, eleven-year-old me is squeeing and she doesn’t know why.guardiansImage Source: Guardians Of The Galaxy & X-Men Black Vortex Omega #1 by Marvel Comics. Art by Ed McGuinness.

This is not a crowd you want laughing at you. chewImage Source: Chew #48 by Image Comics. Art by Rob Guillory.

Never let it be said that Jabba lacks a sense of warsImage Source: Star Wars #4 by Marvel Comics. Art by John Cassaday.

Who needs kisses when you have video games?potw adventure timeImage Source: Adventure Time #39 by BOOM! Studios. Art by Zachary Sterling.

“Those bastards at the pentagon can’t really kill Sue Dibny, no more than they could kill off Lois Lane.”convergence justice leagueImage Source: Convergence: Justice League #1 by DC Comics. Art by Vicente Cifuentes.

No one could argue with that logic.squirrel girlImage Source: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4 by Marvel Comics. Art by Erica Henderson.