Panel of the Week – Science, Science, and More Science – GeekParty

Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, we had magic. This week, we’ve got science.

We had a busy week of podcasting, but we can always make time for comics.

From to pickpockets to poodle punting, this is Panel of the Week!


Way to be humble, Herc.potw secret wars 2099Image Source: Secret Wars 2099 #3 by Marvel Comics. Art by William Sliney.

Science is awesome.bravest warriorsImage Source: Bravest Warriors #34 by BOOM! Studios. Art by Ian McGinty.

This looks like a good place to buy t-shirts.section 8Image Source: All-Star Section 8 #2 by DC Comics. Art by John McCrea.

Huh. I guess science is still awesome.potw shutterImage Source: Shutter #13 by Image Comics. Art by Leila Del Duca.

Always keep a watermelon handy. And a few bananas. mrs deadpoolImage Source: Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #2 by Marvel Comics. Art by Salvador Espin.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Zim until he came back.invader zim comicImage Source: Invader Zim #1 by Oni Press. Art by Aaron Alexovich.

With or without Bruce Wayne, nothing is better than Batman. batmanImage Source: Batman #42 by DC Comics. Art by Greg Capullo.