Panel of the Week – Tiny Hands, Jump Scares, and More

Opening presents? Drinking egg nog? Screw that! We’re going to spend our Christmas reading comic books. From made-up swear words to useless superpowers, this is Panel of the Week!

Now this is how you credit a comic book.sandman creditsImage Source: Sandman Overture #4 by DC Comics. Art by J.H. Williams III.

This is probably the bluest panel I’ve seen all week. Probably.alexandadaImage Source: Alex + Ada #11 by Image Comics. Art by Jonathan Luna.

I see you, Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference.batwomanImage Source: Batwoman #37 by DC Comics. Art by Georges Jeanty.

Somehow, that doesn’t sound comforting.annihilator comicImage Source: Annihilator #4 by Legendary Comics. Art by Frazer Irving.

As far as fictional curse words go, “Furtrack” isn’t a bad one.Guardians RocketImage Source: Guardians of the Galaxy #22 by Marvel Comics. Art by Valerio Schiti.

I’m a sucker for a good “preparing to punch robots in the face” panel.ThunderworldImage Source: Multiversity Thunderworld #1 by DC Comics. Art by Cameron Stewart.

Video game hands are my new favorite useless superpower.tiny handsImage Source: Harbinger: Faith #0 by Valiant Entertainment. Art by Robert Gill.

It takes a real master to pull off a jump scare on a static page.batman jump scareImage Source: Batman #37 by DC Comics. Art by Greg Capullo.