Period Panties Are the Best

period pantiesI discovered the best thing ever at Wizard World Chicago this weekend. Brace yourself ladies, because I am going to make your monthlies. There exists in this world something called Period Panties.

It was one of the smaller booths at Wizard World, yet also among the most special. The second I saw that sign, I knew had to stop by. I soon learned these were the result of Harebrained Design’s Kickstarter gone right. For $12, the same price they are online, I could get a pair of the coolest panties ever.

I’m not just talking about the designs, though all of the Period Panties are remarkably clever and colorful. These have form and function.

I purchased a pair of the Shark Week panties, and found them remarkably soft and flexible. (That’s probably due to the 5% combed cotton and 5% Elastine blend.) They felt a bit thicker than usual underwear as well, which is valuable when you’re bleeding. Also ingenious is a black panel along the front of the underwear, so if there’s leakage, you’ll never notice. In fact, the colorful pattern can also be seen as camouflage, ready to hide any unpleasantness.

Most importantly, the cut is both comfortable and flattering. The company considers all women, with panties available in sizes Extra Small through 3 Extra Large. This means all women can feel pretty when hit by the curse.

photoIf you’re in Chicago this weekend, you can find Period Panties’ Wizard World booth in Hall A of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. I’d recommend going online to make your purchases though, because when I checked in yesterday to get two extra pairs, Harebrained Design was actually running out!