Phil Fish Is Back on Twitter. What Does It Mean?

Phil Fish Back on Twitter

If you follow indie games at all, then you probably know the name Phil Fish. Hell, even if you don’t, you probably recognize the name at least. He’s the guy who developed Fez and then ragequit the game industry after a blowout with Annoyed Gamer Marcus Beer.

Well, he’s back on Twitter today, for the first time in almost a month.

What’s he tweeting about? He’s really just linking Vine videos. And they’re weird as hell.

Is he trying to tell us something? Is Phil Fish teasing a return to the industry? A career change? A new game? An 80s high school teen drama? Or is he just trolling us, while that Andy Kaufman image of his stares smugly into our souls?

Phil Fish Back on Twitter

Here are the videos, if you’re interested in seeing them for yourself. One of them might not exactly be safe for work, I suppose.

Also, at least one of these videos is from Eastbound & Down. Got a screwball theory on what all this means? Let us know in the comments section.