Pikachu vs. Diddy Kong – GeekParty’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo Tournament

Smash Bros Pikachu vs Diddy KongAnd so begins another battle.

This time, we’ve got the delightfully mischievous Diddy Kong battling the ever-adorable Pikachu. As far as skill level of the participating amiibo, this might be the closest match-up we’ve seen so far. In fact, the second round ended up being the longest match yet, clocking in at over 11 minutes, and it might even be the most entertaining round of our tournament to date.

Before we give anything away, we’ll let you watch the videos for yourself.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

The first round is only five minutes long, but it’s a very fierce battle. Both characters get taken out by a stage hazard early on, but after that, they come at each other with everything they’ve got. Diddy is ultimately the victor, but Pikachu puts up one hell of a fight.

While the second round is a long watch, it’s entertaining from start to finish. Pikachu and Diddy aren’t any better at avoiding stage hazards, but their recovery skills more than make up for it. The two are evenly matched for almost the entire fight, and it’s only a well-timed Final Smash that gives Pikachu the win.

We were hoping for another epic battle in round three. Unfortunately, the fight takes place on the Pac-Land stage, which means a lot of the action happens off screen. Pikachu gains the advantage early on thanks to the Dragoon item, but Diddy makes an impressive comeback. In the end, however, the electric mouse wins the fight and moves on to the next round.

We never expected this to be such an intense match up from, but we’re glad to be surprised. While we’re sorry to see Diddy go, we’re looking forward to watching Pikachu in the next round.