Pineview Drive’s Trailer Tells Me Nothing

Pineview DriveI go through great pains to gather up absolutely no information about a game I’m about to watch a trailer for. I want to know next to nothing, or at least nothing more than I’m told in the title of the trailer.

I feel this is the perfect state of mind to be in to guarantee an authentic emotional response. I also feel that, if the trailer does it’s job, I will walk away feeling exactly the kind of emotions it was meant to stir. I should also have the perfect amount of information needed to seek out more information about the project.

This is the trailer for Pineview Drive:

It tells me absolutely nothing, and fails to get me excited about whatever the hell this game is about. What kind of game is it? Which platforms will it be on?

This is the perfect example of way too much style that goes absolutely nowhere. Perhaps my biggest gripe is the utter lack of anything resembling coherency and an overload on motifs and images that actually suggest nothing more than perhaps this takes game place in the woods and has something to do with some lady with red hair.

Pineview DriveMaybe that is enough. Maybe I missed the point of its simplicity. Maybe I’m being too harsh and need to appreciate the artistic aesthetic of the trailer and all answers will come in time. Well, if maybes were babies I’d be an Octomom.

I complained about the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 trailer for being all flash and no hash. But at least with the Metal Gear trailer, there were a bunch of ridiculous over-the-top moments that made it worth paying attention to, if for nothing other than the sheer lunacy of its self-important, over-dramatic nature.

This trailer, however, just seems like the fever dream of a preteen Dale Cooper. Sorry Diane, it’s time to wake up.