Pokémon Had Better Walk Behind You in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon walking behind youPokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver were wonderful in every conceivable way. They gave me a chance to replay one of the greatest entries in the series. They added a ton of new features, like the Apriblender and the Pokéathlon. They even made the Kimono Girls feel important.

Still, all that paled in comparison to Pokémon walking behind you.

This feature completely changed the way I played Pokémon. Before, I’d play a team of my favorites, occasional swapping someone out as new Pokémon were acquired. Most Pokémon I caught were permanently relegated to the PC.

But in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, I wanted to give everyone a try. It didn’t matter that Shuckle had terrible stats, or that Magcargo had a lousy movepool. They looked adorable walking behind me, and that was reason enough to try them on my team.

Pokemon following youI was a little disappointed that this feature didn’t show up in Black and White, but I wasn’t too disheartened. I assumed it would return eventually. When it wasn’t in Black and White 2, I was dismayed, but I managed to keep the faith. When it didn’t show up in X and Y, it felt like Pokémon following you was gone for good.

But now that Omega Ruba and Alpha Sapphire are on the way, I’m hopeful this feature will finally make a comeback. It was introduced in a remake, and a remake is the ideal place for it to make its return. Sure, it’d need some enhancements, but that’s what makes the possibility so exciting.

The best thing about Generation 6 is how real it made the Pokémon universe feel. The upgraded graphics meant that every Pokémon was more lifelike than ever before. Suddenly, the world had this sense of history. You could sit on benches and admire beautiful Pokémon statues. You could walk through museums and see Pokémon works of art.

Combine that with Pokémon following you around, and you’d have the most perfect game imaginable. All the dreams I had when I first played Pokémon Blue would finally come true. X and had almost everything I ever wanted in Pokémon, and this feature would make it complete.

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