Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Can’t Hide the Original’s Issues

Pokémon X and Y were incredibly enjoyable titles that the franchise desperately needed. The combination of a new world, new Pokémon, new cities, and a strange desire to customize clothing all helped to create an experience that was difficult to put down. Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, however, doesn’t elicit the same feelings.

Yes, it’s nice to see the continued trend of older versions being re-released on new hardware with modern features, but there’s a problem with Ruby and Sapphire: they just weren’t good games to begin with.

“Boredom” and “sadness” are the words that I would probably use to describe the opening moments of the game. Heart Gold and Soul Silver were a joy to revisit due nostalgic memories, but Ruby and Sapphire may have been better left forgotten. Plus, man, just look at the original style of our hero:

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Can't Hide The Original's Issues

Image Source: ModDB

And look at our hero now:

pokehairThat hair looked so much better in 2D. Vomitrocious.

The slow start further proves how badly the franchise needed to be updated for modern times. While I still enjoy Heart Gold and Soul Silver, they drag on and on during the opening scenes. The same is true with Alpha Omega and Ruby Sapphire, despite the fact that the game does its best to speed things up early. It’s like when person puts on cologne instead of actually taking a shower. You get a mish-mash of body odor and cologne combining to make a stench that’s still foul despite the fact that you can’t quite walk away from it.

Not that I think Pokémon smells like body order. It’s one of my favorite franchises, but Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire haven’t done enough to remove their third-generation stench.

  • superpill

    It’s not his hair, it’s a knit hat.

  • May Cybele Mabie

    When comparing Heart Gold and Soul Silver with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I had the exact opposite reactions. HGSS feels like it drags on the entire game, with little to no point. And while the updated character designs in ORAS feel charming (that’s a hat, not hair), I honestly thought the HGSS characters looked better in the old games, especially the female, who was drastically redesigned and looked stupid in HGSS. It only took me a couple months to regret purchasing HGSS. I’ve actually played and enjoyed Emerald more recently.