Pokémon Reaches out to the Brony Demographic

GameStop’s no stranger to the idea of exclusive promotions. Neither is Pokémon. So it only makes sense that the two team up to form one super union of promotional exclusivity.

So go to GameStop between August 27th and October 6th to download your very own super secret exclusive Pokémon for Black/White. Yes, I said “super secret,” as in “no one in the world is ever going to figure this one out.” I imagine it being locked in a Get Smart-style series of vault doors or something.

Except we’ve been given a silhouette as a clue. Still, no one’s going to figure this one out, right?

Then again…

Could it be?

Boom. Mystery solved. You have to love info leaks in the Internet age.

Being the professional journalist that I am, I did some research on this elusive Pokémon, called Keldeo. And by “did some research,” I really mean “spent about three minutes on Bulbapedia.”

What I managed to dig up was that Keldeo is probably an expatriate from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that somehow ended up trapped in the Pokémon universe.

I also blatantly stole this image. Thanks, Bulbapedia!

Yeah. Pretty sure Pokemon is reaching out to the Brony demographic here.

Need more evidence? Here are some direct quotes from Bulbapedia:

Keldeo has the ability to cross water by ejecting water from its hooves.

Keldeo tends to run about the entire world, running on the surface of seas and rivers.

Keldeo appears at beautiful watersides.

I mean, who else besides a true Brony would clop their hooves in delight over these sorts of descriptions? Here’s one more that pretty much seals the deal:

Keldeo is a genderless species.

There you go. Keldeo was custom tailored for the Brony audience.

In all fairness, though, I’m happy for them. I mean, I’d much rather see Bronies capturing virtual Pokémon than whinnying annoyingly about all the persecution they’re forced to endure.

  • http://divinelegy.com Jayce Newton

    Pokemon BW was released in Japan a month before MLP:FIM Premiered in the US sooooooooooo…
    (Yeah I’m being one of those guys)

    • Shelby Reiches

      Hm… But wasn’t Keldeo debuted in early 2012? That would put him firmly post-MLP:FiM, no?

      • http://Facebook.com Leet

        Obviously was in development before MLP debuted.

        • Jake Valentine

          Wouldn’t MLP also be in development at the same time?

          • http://divinelegy.com Jayce Newton

            What I’m saying is that Keldeo (you spelled it wrong at the end of your article by the way), was hard-coded into the game prior to the game’s release, regardless of there being any news of MLP:FiM’s development there would have been no way to determe that a fandom would come of it, let alone there being a pokemon that was geared towards it. Even though Keldeo’s announcement only came in 2012, the actual Pokemon could have easily been hacked onto a cartridge for use back in 2010, it’s also how we’ve all know about Genesect and Meloetta since 2010 even though they either haven’t even been released publicly yet or even announced.

          • NO

            Even if they were in development at the same time, it doesn’t mean that its geared towards MLP.

            Hell, by the authors logic, real life horses are a MLP reference because some people call them majestic.

  • The Truth

    You horsefuckers never cease to amaze.

  • Peter

    Okay, in addition to all the stuff said above, I don’t know much about MLP, but aren’t they a gendered species, or at least all female? And, are you aware that a good deal of pokemon, including the vast majority (possibly what, four exceptions?) of legendary ones like Keldeo, are genderless? I don’t see how that relates to your point at all.
    I kind of wish you’d spent more than three minutes on Bulbapedia before you wrote this, because it’s pretty much just completely, verifiably wrong on several counts.

  • eggsalad

    but keldeo is a HORSE holy shit so LOL ITS BRONY CATERING

    But seriously none of those things have to do with ponies. Can’t tell if you’re joking or retarded.

  • Abraham Charles Vigoda

    I think Art Clokey was pandering to bronies when he put Pokey the horse in Gumby. Since the brony fanbase did exist when Gumby was made after all, just like they existed when Keldeo was first known.

  • KD

    I wish I could hate you to death.

  • Justin Guy

    Jayce Newton is right. Keldeo was coded into Pokemon Black and White long before the MLP fad existed. The author of this article should have spent a bit longer than 3 minutes reading the bulbapedia page.

  • Mark

    Who ever wrote this article should kill themselves.

  • SBF1

    Speaking as someone who first played BW1 when it was still just a fantranslated file passed around on the internet, Keldeo’s been here since before the brony business even took off. Even a cursory glance at the Bulbapedia page for the Mon would have told you that. But, of course, a news article with a sensational headline is much more important than making sure you’re telling the truth, right?

    Next time, you should try being a little slower and a little more informed with your journalism, otherwise you make a fool of yourself, just like you did here.

  • RhinoGuy

    Hey, did you see this new Pokemon? It’s called a Ponyta. I think this is a response to the Brony demographic! I can tell because it’s a horse Pokemon and it’s clearly calling out to an extensive fanbase for a cartoon show.

  • Alcoholic Luigi


    All the fantastic articles on this site, and what brings comments is people feeling the utter need to correct someone on saying Pokemon noticed a phenomena that it very likely didn’t actually notice? And apparently, this is such a heinous crime that at least one person thinks the writer should commit suicide?

    Internet, I am disappoint.

    • Justin Guy

      The heinous crime here is a level of journalism that does not exceed that of an elementary school child. The “kill yourself” is hyperbole.

      Then again, as SBF1 says, the article was likely just written for the sake of a controversial headline that can reel in the pageviews.

  • Alcoholic Luigi

    I see *someone* failed to read my article on hyperbole.

  • Are you retarded?

    Hasbro would sue the fuck out of Gamefreak if they ever even suspected that they took their creative property. Not everything’s related to horsefuckers just because it has hooves.

  • Dr.Kritikal

    This is the purest form of autism.
    And i’m not talking about the pokemon.

    • Alcoholic Luigi

      What the hell does a nerological disorder have to do with a game article?

  • Josh Wirtanen

    I wonder how many people read this article and didn’t realize:
    1. I don’t actually think the new Pokemon was intentionally catering to bronies.
    2. I don’t actually think looking up something on Bulbapedia equals good journalism.
    3. I subtly implied that bronies are genderless.

    • Mark

      * 2. I don’t actually think looking up something on Bulbapedia equals good journalism.

      So researching and/or backing up your article with facts from experts on the subject and not the stupid nonsense you posted is bad journalism? You really shouldn’t have a news website if you are too stupid to do basic journalistic stuff.

      • Josh Wirtanen

        Your comment doesn’t really make sense.

        “So researching and/or backing up your article with facts from experts on the subject and not the stupid nonsense you posted is bad journalism?”

        How did you possibly pull that assumption from my article and/or comment?

        Also, why does everyone assume that GeekParty is a “news” website? What does that even mean? We’re not CNN kids. Hell, we’re not even Game Informer. We just make stupid jokes about video games. That’s not what news is.