GeekParty’s Postcards from E3 – Part 1

GeekParty got to go to E3 this year, and we’re willing to bet that if you’re reading this, you probably didn’t. No, we don’t think that’s fair either. But we’re probably less upset about it than you are.

Either way, we decided to share a little bit of the magic with you by photographing some of the cool stuff we got to see this year. Think of these images as postcards, specially delivered to you from your friends at GeekParty.

You’re welcome.

And no, we’re still not bringing you with us next year. But you can check out even more postcards here.

  • Yes, these three images were over ten stories high and were hand-painted onto the side of the building. Nine out of ten E3 attendees thought this elf’s bust line was still too small.
  • This image was taken just before Flo Rida tried to force us into dancing.
  • Sony showed off some live gameplay for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Shortly after Sweet Tooth turned into a giant mech and shot everyone with a machine gun, the staff asked me to change seats so they could clean up a mess I had made.
  • The Activision booth was nothing short of spectacular. Though, it didn’t have nearly enough booth babes. Just my opinion.
  • Why did Tekken have a car? You ask too many questions.
  • Silhouettes of dancing women seemed like a good idea until they asked us to dance with Flo Rida.
  • GeekParty’s “Team Josh,” Josh Engen (left) and Josh Wirtanen (right), got a preview of Activision’s Black Ops 2. They’re not nearly as badass as this picture makes them look.
  • Miyamoto took the stage to show off Nintendo’s latest Pikmin title. If Nintendo developed a game that just allowed players to hug Miyamoto all day, I would buy two copies.
  • Kratos is covered in the ashes of his dead family, but he was far angrier with the lines at E3.
  • Halo had basically taken over the convention center. I saw one Halo fan just staring up at this sign with tears rolling down his face. “It’s so beautiful,” he said. Fine. None of that ever happened.