GeekParty’s Postcards from E3 – Part 2

You didn’t think we were all done posting our E3 images did you? Well, we’ve got ten more for you today.

If you think we’re just posting all these to make you jealous, you’re probably right.

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  • Gigantic Borderlands sculptures were pointing guns into our faces as we walked onto the show floor. This one was wearing a hedgehog as a hat.
  • As part of Capcom’s marketing campaign for Resident Evil 6, an actor portraying a crazy Armageddon street preacher wandered around the convention center. He sounded only slightly less crazy than the real Armageddon street preachers that were outside.
  • Oh, I get it. Sega made this racecar because All-Stars Racing Transformed is a racing title. Subtly isn’t Sega’s strong suit.
  • The girls from World of Warplanes were the only booth babes smart enough to use a rope divider to separate themselves from the slobbering mob of sweaty game journalists.
  • These women brought me onto the stage and made me dance around in front of a crowd of people. So, I selected a picture where they look like uncoordinated idiots. Don’t fuck with me.
  • It looks like GeekParty’s Editor-in-Chief somehow managed to find the only two girls on the show floor with hats as goofy as his.
  • I’m not exactly sure why Shelby thought it would be cool to bring his camera into the bathroom. But here we are posting it on the Internet.
  • GeekParty’s Team Josh was invited to go see Jason Mewes’ new movie, Noobz. I laughed harder when he made this mildly funny face on the red carpet than I did during the movie. Also, I didn’t laugh when he made this face.
  • I feel obligated to post at least one picture of the male models at E3. I don’t enjoy it, but I don’t want to be accused of sexism.
  • I have no idea who this is, but you’re welcome.