ProJared Convinced Me to Play World of Tanks

World of Tanks

I’m a lot of things. I’m a lush, a lover of plump women, a connoisseur of fine power-ups, a hater of hyperbole (which I confess sort of makes me a hypocrite, too), and of course, an impressive waster of time. To that end, I tend to watch my share, your share, and two extra shares of YouTube videos.

Which is how I came across ProJared’s gameplay video of World of Tanks.

Now, I’m going to be honest here. World of Tanks does not at all look like the kind of game I’d enjoy. And after spending three hours with it, I get the sneaking suspicion that it will continue to not look like the sort of game I’d enjoy. You get your choice of tanks, each with slightly different stats to make them handle differently, and after a brief tutorial, you’re tossed into the garage and told to go play. This is the first mistake.

Don’t get me wrong. The brief tutorial tells you everything you need to know. It simply fails on everything you want to know. Like what, prey tell, do each of the stats mean? How are the tanks functionally different? How useful is it to have greater or fewer stations in the tank? Are tier 2 tanks better all around than tier 1 tanks, or are they better in specific ways that mean you might enjoy playing a tier 1 tank more? What upgrades will correspond to what mechanic? These are things that the game seems to want me to learn on my own, which is always dangerous because a game I can’t figure out is a game that isn’t fun to me. I don’t care how many things I could potentially be doing in a game if the game doesn’t tell me how to do it, and “figure it out” only works as a mechanic if there’s no sense of punishment should I fail to do so.

World of Tanks

I was lucky, as another player helped me out early on. Not everyone will have a helpful roofjock, however, and I feel that degrades the experience. It doesn’t help that upon being killed, I can’t respawn, but instead must go back to the garage. The tank I used in battle is completely useless until the battle ends (it continues on without you until one team meets the mission requirements), which means I have to use a different tank if I want to play another battle. On the plus side, I still get experience and money when the battle ends.

All in all, this game feels like it would have benefited from a single-player campaign. Nothing large, perhaps a few missions so you can get a feel for how each tank handles and what the skills actually do in practical terms. Without that, however, I’m left with the distinct feeling of flailing around without any way to judge how well or poorly I’m doing.

I do plan on playing more, though. I get the feeling that the game will be more fun when playing with friends, and I’ll soon be part of Clan Nuptup. WE WILL DEVOUR THE SOULS OF OUR ENEMIES!

  • UnitarShen

    I’ll tell you this, my friend, I found a lot of these war simulations have a steep learning curve. The enjoyment comes from knowing the game and a little bit how everything works. The time spent on it should pay off and you will totally enjoy yourself.