PS4 Pro Tip: Using Your iPod With The PS4’s USB Music Player



Yesterday’s release of the PS4 2.0 firmware update, also known as “Masamune,” contained one of my most-wanted features: the ability to game with my own music in the background. The only kicker is that, at least for now, the music must be stored on an external USB drive.

If you’re like me, that could mean a music selection hampered by the available space on your only drive. And if you’re really like me, the USB stick itself may not even fit into any of the available slots!

Fortunately, there is a method for using your trusty old iPod to fulfill those auditory desires. First, plug your iPod into any compatible PC/Mac/Linux device and navigate to the root (base) directory of your device. Create a folder titled ‘MUSIC’ (that’s case-sensitive), dump all your favorite jams in there, and then connect the iPod to your PS4.


The PS4 will recognize the files in your new folder and the USB Music Player app will appear on screen. Once you’ve opened it, you can choose to either “Play All” or a specific selection of music, with shuffle and repeat options to boot. You’re also able to set the music volume independently. It’s pretty damn cool and a welcome improvement over the PS3 paradigm that the previous lack of functionality had me pining for.

Additionally, after playing around with it a bit in DriveClub and MLB 14: The Show, I noticed that the system automatically suppresses the natural soundtrack of the game regardless of your in-game audio settings. Nifty stuff!

  • Paulogy

    Awesome tip. Any word on if that works with iPhones too?

    • Tyler Workman

      It doesn’t look like it, at least not easily. The iPhone doesn’t allow by default the same kind of file system access you get with iPods.

      I’m positive there are ways to get around the file system access, but the PS4 may not be able to read anything in there if you do.

    • ipot_04

      I don’t know but I think you should try to get your iPhone jailbreaked.

      • Reppy 07

        I just tried this with iFile. It unfortunately did nothing lol. I was really excited too from reading your comment thinking I could cheat their system but the system just cheated me back ha

  • jacksjus

    Man that’s lazy. You mean to tell me it’s an inconvenience to just switch to another USB drive. Hell I 5GB drive is like $10 tops. 5GBs is a boatload of MP3s.

    Other than that it’s a great feature being able to use an MP3 player instead.

    • Tyler Workman

      I’m totally comfortable with lazy :)

      • jacksjus

        Fair enough. Lol!

  • dapaintrain

    Man if only we had Pandora or Spotify integrated into the console and we could play games while streaming music simultaneously. I mean why hasn’t this happened

    • asdfgh

      Sony has their own Music streaming software. Have you tried it?

      • jacksjus

        It should be free. As a result I’ve never opened even with the free voucher.

        • dapaintrain

          Same so many other services that are free and better

      • dapaintrain

        No never tried it because it’s not a free service despite so many other free services being available.
        Plus I don’t think you can use both the streaming service and play games simultaneously which sucks lol

        • cutoffslim

          You can use it while playing anything on the PS4. It also plays in the background with the Vita also

  • HeKePe

    Sandisk USB’s do not work. My usb doesn’t work at all. But it worked on my ps3. Booo sony booooo.

    • asda2awsd78u

      It does work. Just format it to exFat. I have a Sandisk, works perfect.

    • ipot_04

      I have a SanDisk flash drive too, it’s quite old and it’s called CruzerBlade and it’s in Fat32 format and still works.
      Just make sure that you create a folder named “Music” at the root of your USB stick.

  • cutoffslim

    I use Music Unlimited on my PS4 while playing Driveclub and every other game I have. I also play my playlist on my Vita while playing Freedom Wars and other Vita games. I’ve been using it for the past 3 years and can’t go without it. It updates with every album that comes out every Tuesday.

    • Jason

      That’s because you’re obviously just a little Corporate Sony Shill! I bet it’s hard to get around without a backbone!

      • cutoffslim


  • Guest

    Many things don’t work, what a bunch of crap.

  • JulianWhatThe

    Bazooka Tooth.. Nice.

  • Psytrix

    Wish they could put in Airplay..

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    My ipod has all my music in some random order and with random names so this is useless to me.

    I don’t know how you got it to retain the correct names of the music

    • Chris Nash

      Probably helps that most of my stuff is from CDs since iTunes goes through a big database to label them automatically. If it’s a lot of downloaded stuff from external sources, it can be difficult to organize sometimes, but labeling is always possible.

  • Santiago

    This was the only thing the xbox had going for it over the ps3/ps4. Wonder why it took so long.

  • Vladamer Nugent

    ok so I got a brand new flash drive for my ps4 music now my ps4 wont see the mp3 flies under music in my drive is my new drive just not capable?????

    • Loveunit

      Format it to fat32