Rack N Ruin Pyrophobia Trophy – How to Beat Amon Without Using Fire Damage

Rack N Ruin AmonTo get the Pyrophobia Trophy in Rack N Ruin, you must beat the first boss, Amon, without using fire damage. While that sounds like a simple task, it’s complicated by the fact that at this early stage in the game, pretty much all your magic is fire based, even if you managed to purchase the spell book from the witch’s shop. Even your bombs are fire-based, so those are off the table as well.

This battle is a tad difficult if you tuck away your fire spells and items, but certainly not impossible as long as you take some time to prepare. Here are a few tricks:

Selling an item to the witch’s shop will permanently make that item available for purchase, so as long as you have a heaping stack of souls, you can use the shop to multiply your items. Use this trick to make the items you need available for purchase, and spend some time grinding souls so you can afford to stock up.

You’ll definitely want a full stack (4) of Blood of the Innocent, and as many Heart of the Innocent as you can afford (since those restore both HP and mana).

You’ll also want a full stack (40) of the Jar of Eyeballs, since those will allow you to summon flying eyeballs (eyes of the dead) that do ranged damage. You can have 3 eyes of the dead active at a time, so I would recommend keeping 3 active for as much of the fight as you possibly can.

Rack N Ruin Eyeball ItemPicking up the Spinal Cord might be useful too, as it temporarily increases your speed.

Once you initiate the fight, you’ll want to watch for Amon’s shadow, because it signals where he’s going to land.

Rack N Ruin Amon ShadowIf you’re going to attack with your sword, it’s best to stay closer to the dragon’s head, because the dragon rider deals some serious damage with his spear. When he starts dealing lightning damage, you’ll want to avoid getting underneath him, because it limits your visibility. If Amon lands on one of the pillars off to the left or right of the tower, run as fast as you can to the opposite edge of the screen, because he’s about to launch a massive burst of fire that’s easier to dodge the further away from it you are.

And that’s about it. Use your eyeballs to whittle down his health bar while going for the head with your sword. You might have to pop a few healing pots, but you should bring him down quickly enough.

Rack n Ruin Dragon SlayerBeating Amon for the first time will also earn you the Dragon Slayer Trophy.

Here’s a video for reference:


  • Holonboy

    I just did this and did not know bombs were fire based… :( Ah wells… I’ll get it in my next playthrough… Also, there’s an item that summons turrets based on your current weapon’s element (the sword thingie if its equiped). That’s also a huge convenience.