Release Kingdom Hearts III Already, Square Enix


I remember playing the first two Kingdom Hearts games and absolutely loving them. Being able to rub elbows with some of Disney’s most famous characters was a ton of fun.

I especially liked worlds where Sora underwent a transformation. Romping around as a lion with Simba was great! And swimming through the sea as a merboy with the characters from The Little Mermaid was surprisingly enjoyable.

But nine years have passed since Kingdom Hearts II was released, and we still haven’t seen Kingdom Hearts III. I’ve made attempts to play some of the games that have been released in the meantime, but I’ve never been able to fully commit.

Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days was fun for about four days. I liked seeing things from Roxas’ perspective, since I really enjoyed his character in the other games. It was also great to see more of Axel (a bit of a fictional crush there).

KHIIIBut I just couldn’t do it. The entire time I was playing any of the intermediate games, I was thinking about how much I wanted to play Kingdom Hearts III. It’s been NINE FREAKING years! I know many fans of the series have been counting those years as intently as I have. We can’t wait anymore Square Enix!

But of course we will, because we really want to hang out with more of our favorite Disney characters.