Remastered Skyrim and Fallout Would Be Just Swell

fallout new vegasGeekParty writer Blake Steil recently speculated about the nature of the announcements for the upcoming Bethesda panel. One of the items he touched on was the possibility — or the inevitability — of remastered versions of Skyrim and/or Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

I’m not the biggest fan of remasters, but I’d be very much okay with this development.

skyrim dlc dawnguardHaving recently acquired a PS4, there’s only one reason I still want to spend time with my 360 for one reason alone. It’s the console I use to play the Bethesda titles that I love oh so much. If they were re-released with a higher resolution and all of the DLC included, I would be tickled pink.

So yes ,please Bethesda, make this a reality. My money is just ripe for the taking.