Resident Evil HD Remaster Gets Tank-Like Movement Just Right

Resident Evil HD RemasterResident Evil 2 stands out as one of my favorite games of the PlayStation era, which is perhaps my favorite era of gaming. The original Resident Evil has a special place in my heart as well, even if it doesn’t quite claim the level of affection that its sequel does.

So I’ve been nervously anticipating the release of Resident Evil HD Remastered. One of my biggest concerns when I first heard the reveal announcement was that Capcom would overly refine a thing that drew a lot of its charm from its biggest flaws. Primarily, I was worried that a tighter control scheme would diminish the things that gave the original its tension.

But then I saw the following trailer (courtesy of Polygon):

Perhaps the best thing about this, for me, is the way Jill walks. Turn, take a step, turn a bit more, take another step. This is exactly what tank-like controls look like: They make the characters jerk around uncomfortably as if they’re being controlled by some kid who’s operating a remote control car for the first time.

And I freaking love this.

This thing — this one stupid, awkward thing — has me completely giddy. This is exactly what I want from this game; I want to bump and stumble my way around a claustrophobic mansion filled with zombies and unconventional camera angles.

I’ve always been perhaps a bit too harsh on Resident Evil 4 for abandoning the formula of its predecessors. But my complaint has always been that I felt like there was a good chance I would never again see that absurd, clunky version of survival horror that I fell in love with in the 90s. I would, for the foreseeable future, have to be content with shooty-shoot-shoot and cultists who were sort of not really zombies at all.

But Resident Evil HD Remaster is taking us back to the gloriously cheesy PSOne-era style of horror, and this is something I’ve been secretly dreaming of for over a decade. (And, weirdly enough, those dreams weren’t nightmares at all.)

Resident Evil HD RemasterThis may be a tad premature, since the remake isn’t out yet, but I have to admit, Capcom, I’m pretty damn impressed so far.

And I’m hoping Resident Evil 2 gets a similar treatment eventually, because man, do I ever miss that game.