Resident Evil Remastered Makes Up For Lost Time

Resident Evil, Glass on TableI recently played the new HD remaster of Resident Evil and had a pretty swell time. It reminded me of the way I felt playing the original for the first time, and it managed to capture a good deal of the old magic.

It also reminded me of the first time I attempted to play the previous version of the remaster that came out on the GameCube and the reportedly stellar Resident Evil Zero.

On a whim in a local GameStop about a decade or so ago, I decided to pick up a cheap GameCube. I was bored with the current offering of PS2 titles and had money to burn so I picked up Nintendo’s cubiest of consoles. And, since the system was all but dead at that point, the price was low enough that I had plenty left over for a slew of games.

However the ones that I desired the most, the Resident Evil games, were unattainable. No local store had any in stock, and this was well before I was plugged into the Internet in a way that allowed me to do serious online shopping.

Resident Evil Hallway GunAlthough I finally got to experience the pretty new version of the original, I have yet to play Zero. I can only hope that Capcom follows suit and re-releases it with the same treatment of the original Resident Evil remaster.

Thanks to retro game chasers running up the prices of older consoles, I can’t go down the GameCube rabbit hole again.