Retrovolve Takes a Look at Freedom Planet

fp_topGeekParty’s own Louis Garcia already took a look at Freedom Planet, a Sega-inspired indie platformer, but our friends over at Retrovolve just discovered this gem and wanted to share their take as well.

Freedom Planet isn’t just a retro-styled game like Super Meat Boy or Hotline Miami. It’s something I’d describe as “full retro.” It doesn’t wear a vintage gaming costume but instead opts for the full monty, tightroping that fine line between merely ripping off classic franchises and ripping them off with style.

Comparisons to Sonic The Hedgehog and Gunstar Heroes aside, Freedom Planet has gorgeous graphics and animation with innovative level design, huge challenging bosses, and some pumping tunes for a true sensory feast.

Go check out Retrovolve’s review and gameplay footage to get a better idea of what Freedom Planet has to offer.