Ronan the Accuser Has a Sexy, Sexy Tumblr

Ronan the Accuser sexy pictureIf I could change one thing about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it would be its portrayal of Ronan the Accuser. His motivations are murky, he’s lacking in the backstory department, and he just doesn’t make a very interesting villain. Comic book Ronan is delightfully complex, and I’m disappointed film Ronan wound up being so one-dimensional.

But to the denziens of Tumblr, none of that is an issue. All that matters is that Ronan looks super, super sexy.

Tumblr’s overwhelming lust for Ronan has compelled them to create a blog devoted entirely to sexy Ronan fantasies. These aren’t cutesy confessions about how Ronan looks oh-so-kissable when he’s slaughtering people for no good reason. This is some seriously racy stuff.

ronan the accuser sexy

Ronan the Accuser sexOn some level, I get it. Lee Pace is not a bad-looking dude, and an encounter with a supervillain is a classic fantasy. But come on, ladies! This is the freaking Marvel universe! If you want to get it on with a baddie, there are better options than Ronan. This is a world in which Loki exists, and in which Sebastian Stan played a sorta-evil dude. Even Justin freaking Hammer is a better option.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing here. Maybe movie Ronan has some hidden depth, or maybe I just don’t fully appreciate blue skin. Regardless, this Ronan lust is something I can’t entirely sign off on.