Sakura Spirit Has Fewer Boobs Than Expected

When I told our editor-in-chief I’d be reviewing Sakura Spirit, he took a look at the game on Steam. Before long, he began to laugh, and when I looked at him questioningly, he began to read the game’s reviews out loud:

sakura spirit boobs

Sakura Spirit boobWith each mention of boobs, I grew increasingly nervous. I’m not exactly a mastrophobe, but I’m also not entirely comfortable with porn games. When I started the game, I was expecting a bosom buffet of Ultimate Boob Wars proportions.

What I got was surprisingly normal.

Saying that the game is boob-free would be inaccurate. Most of the cast is female, and a few of those ladies wear minimal clothing. But so far, it’s not the breastravaganza I was lead to believe I’d be experiencing. I mean, I probably wouldn’t play Sakura Spirit in public, but that has more to do with its dialogue than mammary glands.

Sakura Spirit pantiesTo be fair, I’ve just started the game. It’s possible that Sakura Spirit will bombard me with boobs later on. But right now, I suspect the Steam community is hyperbolic when it comes to matters of the chest.

If you’re in the mood to look at boobs, you can pick up Sakura Spirit from MangaGamer.