Say Yes to the (Treasure) Chest: A Divinity: Original Sin Marriage Proposal

Divinity: Original Sin ProposalThe video game marriage proposal is very much a thing, these days. It started with mods, enterprising young individuals hacking classics like Chrono Trigger or enlisting the Fallout 3 community in pursuit of a custom proposal scenario. Eventually, though, the practice evolved to the point where developers started to get involved. My favorite is the in-depth proposal constructed by Gearbox Software for a pair of avid Borderlands fans (the lucky lady’s reaction can be seen here). However, a more recent effort by PopCap—the Peggle 2 devs—on behalf of lovebirds Rob and Shireen, certainly has the market cornered on heart-warming.

Our latest instance of developer-facilitated matrimony comes to us courtesy of Larian Studios and their upcoming RPG, Divinity: Original Sin. The game, still in Early Access on Steam, has yet to provide players with access to its powerful mod tools. This was something of an issue for Daniel, a fan of the game who had been hoping to use the game to construct a marriage proposal for his girlfriend, Dolores. When the game was delayed, Daniel decided to e-mail Larian directly, rather than wait to propose. The developers were on board, creating a scenario in which a ring, found in a chest on the beaches of Cyseal, would activate a statue later on in the module, triggering a dialogue in which Daniel would propose to Dolores via their characters.

They manufactured an excuse to get Dolores and Daniel down to the studio to play the game and, when all was said and done… Well, see it for yourself:

Larian’s intent is that when the game editor is launched alongside Original Sin’s full release this Spring, fans of the game will be able to take matters such as this into their own hands. For now, though, it’s endearing to see them go above and beyond on behalf of a few of their fans in the here and now. Especially so close to Valentine’s Day.