Shovel Knight’s Airplane Mode Actually Makes the Game Harder

shovel knightWe just learned that Shovel Knight has more cheat codes than you could ever imagine. It’s absolutely insane.

So, when I decided to try some of these codes in my 3DS version of Shovel Knight, I decided to go with a few that seemed like they’d make the game ridiculously easy.

What? Don’t give me that look. Sometimes, you want to just breeze through a game.

I decided that code #317, “Airplane Mode,” would be a good place to start. By making MCGHMAHT the save file’s initial name, the Shovel Knight would have pink default armor, what was essentially a moon jump, have the Propeller Dagger at the start of the game, and infinite MP to use said dagger. It seemed like a good idea.

Except it wasn’t. Many of the Shovel Knight jumps were perfectly designed to work with the default jump. If you jump too high, you can end up easily overshooting platforms. I also noticed I was unable to jump properly in confined spaces. The Propeller Dagger was great for fighting bosses, but ended up being inadequate when it came to soaring over gaps.

It just goes to show that the easy way out can be quite complicated.