Six Lessons I’ve Learned from Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4I’ve spent a few hours with Far Cry 4, and I am absolutely loving it. In fact, I love it so much that I almost dropped an F-bomb between the words “absolutely” and “loving,” but restrained myself for the sake of the cleanliness. But make no mistake, I’m having a fuc… um, a blast.

I knew I had to get this game after watching the videos that Josh, GeekParty’s editor in chief (and resident C4 fan) had made. As a fan of the Far Cry series, the game already had my attention. Once I saw it was on sale for $35 on XBLA (and realized you could blow up tigers), I knew it had to be mine.

Far Cry 4, Exploding TigerI’ve been playing the game on my Xbox 360, which means the graphics aren’t lose-your-mind incredible, but they still look fuc.. uh, they’re pretty great.

I’ve only spent about 5-6 hours with the game, but I’ve already made some important discoveries:

  1. Riding elephants is much cooler that I thought it would be. Using those elephants to destroy vehicles, fling enemy soldiers, and trample down wildlife is even cooler. This has yet to get old, and I pray it never will.
  2. Killing monkeys, however, always makes me feel bad. These little tykes are usually just chilling, minding their own business, eating fruit or what have you. Sadly, my desire to craft better items means I’ve had to take a few simian lives. If you can get a clean kill, you can get two pelts from a single kill. If you’re not a skillful hunter, more monkeys will have to perish.
  3. Condoms and maxi pads are hot commodities on the black market. Why a random soldier or loot chest has these items is beyond me, but I doubt Ajay will use them,  so I might as well sell them to someone in need.
  4. Auto drive is fuc… er, it’s awesome. Not since Saints Row 2 has this mechanic been implemented so well. Got a ways to travel and you also want to eat some snacks? Auto drive. Need to shoot some guy driving a cargo transport vehicle on roads as narrow as as dental floss? Auto drive. Seriously, auto drive all day!
  5. Hawks pick up unsuspecting goats. Josh had warned me that the local wildlife was ferocious, but let me tell you, these animals are no joke. While out hunting for some pelts, I saw a random hawk swoop down, grab a goat and carry it off. I stopped to laugh, but then saw the goat falling to earth and meeting its demise. I decided to skin the goat and hightail it out of there before the hawk came back for more.
  6. Animals can be deadly. I shouldn’t have messed with a rhino mid-mission, but I did anyway, and kicked myself for doing so. Not only did I fail to kill it, but died and had to do a large section of the mission over again. Also, hawks don’t just abscond with unsuspecting goats. They also swoop down and randomly attack me, always at the most inopportune times.

These are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned during my first few hours with Far Cry 4.  I’m excited see what else comes my way as I attempt to free Kyrat and stir up some fuc… ah, screw it. This game fucking rocks, and I can’t wait to tear shit up.