Skyrim Wars: Julian Should Be More Specific If He Has a Complaint

Alcoholic LuigiRecently, a certain staff writer whose name rhymes with Wholian Watkins decided to be snarky and write a formal letter of apology. In it, he oh-so-snidely insinuates that I was wrong for writing an article pointing out that his opinion was dumb.

The problem is, Julian’s original article didn’t actually bring up any genuine point.

When writing about video games, we often treat our subjective opinions as if they’re objective. Julian’s article about the Skyrim (Sorry, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) DLC was nothing more than a subjective piece saying he didn’t like it. I then responded with a subjective piece saying he was wrong. Both our pieces were written in the same subjective voice.

Elsewhere, on the Book of Faces, Julian brought up a genuine point — that the Skyrim DLC was simply “more of the same.” That’s a much more objective statement, and can be gauged and verified in a way that “cheap, dumb, and lazy” can not. In fact, I’d say that Julian is correct. The DLC is “more of the same”, but I don’t have a problem with that. I love everything that Skyrim has to offer, so getting more of the same isn’t a problem for me.

In short, if Julian would like to discuss objective points about the pros and cons of DLC, I’m game for that. But if he’s going to throw out childish insults, he shouldn’t be surprised when he gets childish insults back.

  • Strontium Dingo

    What some call “More of the same”, others call “nailing the brand”, it’s true.