Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Is Definitely a Game That Needs to Exist

Sleeping DogsIt’s official: the next-gen game drought is finally coming to an end.

Remember those games that you already played on your stupid old last-gen console? The ones that will most certainly be blown away by the cavalcade of next-gen greatness just around the corner? Those shiny new games that could only be made possible with brand new hardware? Like Tomb Raider and The Last of Us and GTA: V and Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light?

You can now add Sleeping Dogs that list of brand-new, mind-blowing next-generation titles! Aw shit yeah!

Man, these games could never have been played on your grandpappy’s dusty old consoles! There’s no way that any of these games could have existed and been enjoyed on a fucking PS3.

And ‘m definitely glad I didn’t purchase them back on those consoles and am now considering purchasing them again just to have something to play on my brand new Netflix play… er… video game console.

It even includes all of the DLC right out the fucking gate and in the box! Eat that, EA! Next-gen is awesome!