So This Is the New Year

So This Is the New YearI spent two New Year’s Eves in a row at the same table in the same bar. The group of friends was mostly the same, though there were noticeably less females this time around (2013 was a year of breakups, apparently). I feel a bit like Sean, Simon Pegg’s character in Sean of the Dead, actually.

Now, I can’t tell if this is depressing or not.

So This Is the New YearOn the one hand, tradition can be a comforting thing. On the other, it’s easy to fall into a rut, doing the same thing year after year and feeling entirely unfulfilled.

The thing is, I feel like 2013 was incredibly productive for me. I lost weight, grew a beard, and started dressing better. I doubled my income. I moved into a really nice house in Minneapolis, which is my favorite city in the whole world. I got my band back together. I published a lot of my writing in a bigger variety of venues than I have in any other year. I did some really impressive things for GeekParty (like breaking the news on Billy West’s claims that Futurama isn’t over yet) and wrote perhaps the best article that’s ever been written about DuckTales. And all that happened in a year I was lucky to even survive, considering I damn near starved to death at one point (that’s a bit of an exaggeration, though I literally couldn’t afford to feed myself for a good two-month period over the summer).

So I guess, in a way, this article is my 2013 brag post. But, to be fair, I have never spent a New Year’s resolving to be more humble.

However, since we’re on the topic of resolutions, I’m completely resolution-less this year. I mean, how do I follow up the year in which I experienced the most personal growth of any single year in my entire life?

I guess I could resolve to grow GeekParty even further, but I really don’t need a resolution in order for that to happen. I promise you, there are some exciting things happening with this site, and the future is looking pretty neat.

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of Death Cab for Cutie, but this song hits me closer to home this year than it ever has before (but in a strangely satisfying and intentionally smug way):

  • Alcoholic Luigi

    You survived for those two months because I insisted on doing LPs of The Last of Us, and bought the pizza every week!

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Yes, you potentially saved my skinny little life!