Sonic May No Longer Be an Innovator, but at Least He’s Stealing Ideas from Cool Things like Transformers

Sonic the Hedgehog has been getting a lot of flak lately, and most of it is probably deserved. I mean, the past two console generations haven’t been kind to the speedy little bastard. Even the recent 2D Sonic games, which we had high hopes for, didn’t really satisfy. I would venture to say that Sonic Generations is the closest thing we’ve seen to a good Sonic game recently, and, well, that’s kind of sad.

But that won’t keep Sega from trying over and over and over again.

Perhaps what Sonic needs is a chance to rest his legs for a bit. Perhaps he needs to get behind the wheel and show off his speed in true American fashion, with a loud, absurdly fuel-inefficient vehicle.

Now, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is the game where this happens, and it borrows heavily from everyone’s favorite “Robots in Disguise” by featuring a slew of transforming vehicles. Okay, so they don’t transform into awesome robots or anything, but they can turn into jets and boats.

I didn’t end up having time to try out Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed while at E3 this year, but I have some friends who did and they told me it was pretty awesome.

Here’s a trailer. Judge for yourself.

  • majorasmaskfan

    late sonic has been good for past 3 years.