Super Mario Series Amiibo: Should I Buy Multiple Variations of the Same Character?

Toad amiiboAfter spending myself into poverty on Nintendo’s lovable amiibo figures, I thought I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My Wave 3 pre-orders are taken care of for the most part, and after that, my wallet can rest easy for a bit.

Then Nintendo goes ahead and announces more amiibo figures on the horizon.

Okay, so I am all for them releasing the entire Super Smash Bros. roster as amiibo figures. I think that would be great. But now they’re releasing a Super Mario Series of amiibo, which is basically made up of new poses for a lot of the characters already on the market.

A normal, sane person would just breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Good. Now I won’t have to buy new amiibo.” But that’s not me. I’m finding myself consumed by an inner turmoil over whether or not I should buy new poses of figures I already own.

Thankfully, the Super Mario series figures aren’t as awesome-looking as their Smash counterparts, which has me leaning toward no on additional purchases.

I mean, just look:

Mario amiiboThe Smash Bros. version of Mario is wielding a flaming ball of doom. The Super Mario version is merely waving. There’s nothing “super” about that.

And look at Peach:

Peach amiiboThe Smash Bros. version is super detailed, with ruffles and embroidered designs on her dress, a regal pose, and a subtle yet risqué bit of revealed leg. The Super Mario version just looks like she’s in the act of spotting a delicious cupcake.

Plus, I’m not a huge fan of the red bases as opposed to the sleek, stylish black bases of the Smash figures.

Even so, the Toad amiibo looks great, and I’m almost certainly going to pre-order one as soon as I can. The others? I’m still trying to decide.


    Why didn’t you post Luigi? He looks better.