Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen: Mew-Genics and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Both Slated for 2014

Mew-Genics Fat CatProbably the most frustrating thing about upcoming “cat lady simulator” Mew-Genics is its lack of a concrete release date. Thankfully, the guys at Team Meat have been responding to fan questions on Tumblr, so we’re not completely in the dark.

Edmund McMillen may not have given us an exact date, but he did express his hopes that Mew-Genics is will see a 2014 release. The exact quote:

the goal is later this year, we will see when though.. could be sooner could be later? who knows :)

He also confirmed that the game would feature “cat-on-cat humping and pooping.” No really. It’s right here on his blog.

That’s not the only project we’ll see from Edmund this year, though. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth should be out in 2014 as well. In fact, Edmund seemed more confident about this one than he did about Mew-Genics, going so far as to say, “it will come out this year for sure.”

So how about those Mew-Genics cheat codes? Well, still no word on that. Sorry.