Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes Doesn’t “See a Way the WiiU Can Compete with the PS4 and XboxOne at This Point.”

Team Meat's Tommy RefenesWhether it’s due to the success of Super Meat Boy or their tear-jerking role in Indie Game: The Movie, Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen have become beloved figures in the game industry. That’s a position they continue to maintain by having a sort of transparency with their fans that’s not exactly commonplace in the industry.

Case in point, the two have been answering random fan questions on their Tumblr accounts with an admirable amount of candor.

For example, Tommy was asked about the future of Nintendo and the Wii U, and he had some less-than-flattering things to say about the Big N.

Yes, they need to change everything. Their stock price is tanking, 3DS is the only thing that is doing well at Nintendo right now, but it’s still not enough to save them. I love Nintendo and have for years, but as a realist I see that they are distant 5th in the console market right now, with 360s and PS3s having more 3rd party support than the Wii U with main 3rd party support going towards current gen (PS4 / XB1) development. I don’t see a way the WiiU can compete with the PS4 and XboxOne at this point.

Can Nintendo turn things around? Maybe. Refenes continued:

They would have to do something magical to attract the support of 3rd party developers which they desperately need to make the system viable again. Maybe they can, but based on the confirmed release dates of games coming out for WiiU this year, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen soon.

Are his points valid? Probably. I mean, he’s certainly not the only person on the planet with a lack of confidence in Nintendo right now.

So we probably won’t be seeing any Team Meat games on Nintendo consoles any time soon. But we’ve got our fingers crossed that one of their secret projects lands on the PS4, at least.

For more, you can read Tommy’s full comment on his Tumblr.