Ten Jokes We’d Like to See Added to Ellie’s Joke Book in The Last of Us

Ellie's Joke Book

So, I still haven’t figured out whether or not I think Ellie’s joke book is an appropriate fit in the post-apocalyptic setting of The Last of Us (it’s all about tone!) but that doesn’t mean I don’t love that it’s there

However, it’s a little short. We here at GeekParty believe that there could have been more jokes, so we took to Reddit to get help coming up with some new ones. We got contributions like these:

I used to have a fear of hurdles. But i got over it.


So, that one is my personal favorite, as it seems to fit Ellie’s quirky personality amazingly well. But this one was Reddit’s favorite:

What do you call a noodle in disguise? An im-PASTA!


Reddit also loved this one:

How do you make Holy Water? You boil the hell out of it.


This one’s a bit dark:

What do you call horses that go out at dusk? Nightmares.


I have no comment on this one, except that you should read it out loud if you don’t get it right away:

Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own? Because it was two-tired.


Here are some jokes tailored specifically toward The Last of Us, which is pretty awesome (Warning: This batch contains spoilers, and one of them is MAJOR):

Did you hear about the party Clicker? He’s a Fungi.

There’s a cordyceps outbreak? Armageddon out of here!

Joel didn’t turn up for Tess’s 9am funeral because he’s not a mourning person.

Bill went on a date with one of the infected but they just didn’t click.

David showed up late for dinner so they gave him the cold shoulder.


A huge thanks to everyone who played along, and if you have more, feel free to add them in the comments section.

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