Buck Bumble Has the Best Worst Title Theme on the N64

As one of the most forgettable titles for a system full of memorable games, you don’t expect much from Buck Bumble. For the era, the quality and originality approached shovelware. Still, anybody who rented or owned Buck Bumble remembers it for one reason.

That goddamn theme song:

Can you taste the ’90s just listening to this thing? It’s so bad, but so catchy. For all the successful European studios in the N64 era, we saw very little UK House in video games. Were it produced a little better it could have blown up like the Mortal Kombat theme. At least Trials Fusion is carrying on the legacy.

If I had to rate the song. I’d give it a B. Get it? I’m not even sorry.

  • Eric Halliday

    Damn it. Now this is in my head forever.