The Conversation that Got Me into Threes Was Originally About Nude Pics and Poop

ThreesImage source: Threes site

I’d like to think we have a neat thing going for us here at GeekParty.

I mean, our staff seems to get along well enough, and our creative process is different than any of the other sites I’ve worked for. See, we have a Facebook group where we brainstorm ideas and goof around, so our article writing process can get out of hand sometimes.

And, while I mean that in a good way, it also leads to content like this piece about Alcoholic Luigi’s strange cravings for falafel, or this piece where Luigi got nude due to a string of escalating dares.

In fact, it was the whole aforementioned “nude pic” thing that started the following conversation:

Facebook Poop and NudesFacebook Poop and NudesFacebook Poop and NudesUltimately, I ended up buying Threes, and it’s absolutely as addicting as GeekParty’s Jake Valentine made it sound in his one-sentence review.

I can’t stop playing this game! Especially on the toilet!