The Mad Max Trailer Is Everything Video Game Trailers Should Be

Mad Max video gameIt’s been months since Avalanche Studios released their last trailer for Mad Max, which makes me wonder if it will ever see the light of day. Still, this is exactly the kind of trailer that gets me pumped.

As an avid fan of the original Mad Max, it’s hard not to get excited about the prospect of playing as the titular character. And this trailer shows just how badass that proposition just might be.

With the use of what I can only assume are in-game models and assets, this trailer doesn’t try to wow with cinematics that only allude to what it will actually look like. Instead, it simply bares its teeth for all to see. And what a decent set of fangs they are.

The vehicular battles look fast-paced and brutal, harkening back to the unfulfilled promise of Rage. The combat looks visceral enough to drive home the brutality of this universe, but also realistic. It’s not ridiculous, like Batman bouncing around between enemies like a leaf in a wind storm.

Mad Max gameThe music is pitch perfect and only adds to the gritty nature of the overall package. Actually getting a look at the un-Mel-Gibson-like Max of this game world helps to ground the character in the events and setting.

The tone is dead-on, the mayhem looks fantastic, and the possibilities of an open world only make me yearn for this game even more.

Verdict: A well made trailer that allows the game itself to do all of the heavy lifting and fires on all cylinders. A Witcher CGI masterpiece this isn’t, nor does it need to be.

Hopes That This Game Will Actually Turn Out To Be Good: Extremely high, that is if it actually materializes in the first place.