The New Tomb Raider Game Had Better Have Dinosaurs in It

Tomb Raider DinosaurI’m going to be perfectly honest here: I did not enjoy the Tomb Raider reboot.

This is not because it was too linear in its attempt at an open world, nor was it because of the annoying quick time events that ultimately led to me rage quitting. No, my faithful friends and readers, I was displeased by Tomb Raider because of its lack of dinosaurs. That’s right, the game ultimately failed to deliver my requisite level of dino goodness.

Dinosaurs are a staple of the Tomb Raider franchise, and the lack of enormous prehistoric reptile bullet sponges feels anathema. The T-Rex in the original game scared the ba-jesus out of me. If not for my acrobatic dino-dodging prowess, I might have never made it through.

To this day it stands as my favorite surprise dinosaur battle of all time, and I especially admire the fine-tuned re-imagined version in Tomb Raider Anniversary.

And if the next installment falls to deliver, I might just need to sit this one out.

That’s right Crystal Dynamics,  I need Rex appeal, not sex appeal, in my Tomb Raider games.