The One-Sentence Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter

What if I told you that at one time, Medal of Honor was the premiere FPS franchise in gaming? Not Call of Duty, but Medal of Honor. Given the generic nature of the series’ reboot in 2010, chances are you might call me a liar. But I kid you not, the series was once known for portraying realistic and intense campaigns during World War II that, at the time, were completely unrivaled.

But we’re tired of WWII, and we now have a hard-on for modern-day warfare, hunting down terrorists and those who are threats to American security. Warfighter knows its roots, but is that enough to help us forget a lackluster reboot of a once-prominent franchise? Our One-Sentence review tackles the latest EA FPS.

Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter tries to live up to the storytelling bar set by its predecessors, but ultimately tries to do too much, resulting in a game that, while entertaining at times, is too schizophrenic and frustrating to enjoy.