The One-Sentence Review: Nintendo Land

I remember being completely pumped for Nintendo’s E3 press conference this year. I was in the third row, and I had some seats saved for Team Josh. Well, those bastards went and sat somewhere else.

To complicate matters more, Nintendo had a bit of an off presser. Granted, their booth made up for it, but it was a bit confusing to see them spend so much time with Nintendo Land. What was this random minigame collection? Where’s Link? Samus? Okay, technically both Legend of Zelda and Metroid have themed “attractions” in one of the Wii U’s featured launch titles, but is it enough to make this the latest Wii Sports?

Review: Nintendo Land might not be the system-seller Wii Sports was, but it’s still a highly enjoyable set of minigames that show off the capabilities of the Wii U and its GamePad.