The Pathologic Kickstarter Proves Gamers Have Excellent Decision-Making Skills

Pathologic remakeSometimes, even the most amazing-looking games can’t convince the denziens of Kickstarter to part with their hard-earned money. “What’s wrong with everyone? Why is this not funded?!?” I whisper to myself as I research selling organs on the black market.

Thankfully, the Pathologic remake should allow me to keep my organs intact.

The Pathologic Kickstarter raised more than half of its $250,000 goal in just two days, and money is still rolling in. Right now, the game has more than 4000 backers (I’m one of them!), and many more are sure to follow. At the time of writing, it hasn’t quite hit its goal, but it’s clearly a tremendously successful campaign.

I was a little uneasy when I heard that Ice-Pick Lodge would be seeking funding on Kickstarter. The original Pathologic is absolutely amazing, but it’s also deeply flawed. I wasn’t sure many people saw Pathologic for the gem it was, and was even less sure those people would be willing to pull out their wallets.

Pathologic remake imageI’m not sure being wrong has ever made me this happy. It’s not just that I’ll be getting a shiny new version of one of my favorite games (although that does have me pretty excited). It’s that people are more than willing to put their money behind such a wonderfully strange game.

Pathologic is everything I want video games to be. It’s a survival game in the truest sense; a title that forces you to make difficult choices in order to stay alive. It has a world unlike anything else I’ve seen, populated with people are are realistic in the most unusual of ways. It’s unique in every sense of the word, and playing it is an experience you’ll never forget.

The success of this Kickstarter proves there’s a hunger for games that are genuinely unconventional. Whether you played and loved the original Pathologic or simply appreciate interesting games, you should make sure to check the remake out.