The Preview for Crysis 3’s Multiplayer Got Me a Little Too Excited…

The Crysis team unveiled a preview video for the multiplayer portion of Crysis 3 today. Upon reading a headline at a certain website, I got a little bit too excited.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the addition of a mech roaming around the map during the “Crash Site” mode, especially  since I can jump on top of it and hijack it away, but I was hoping for a different kind of hijacking… The kind I did in Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. I mean, this is the future. I have a Nanosuit. I want to hijack mechs and have them patrol the area as they mow down my enemies. I want to throw grenades that net an opponent’s kills for my own.

I guess I just want more of what made Metal Arms such a great game…

But enough of that, this is Crysis 3! What about the modes previewed in the video? First we have “Hunter Mode,” which sounds exactly like Halo’s infection mode: two hunters permanently stealthed and armed only with bows try to kill everybody else. Here’s to hoping the gameplay style of Crysis can give it some lasting power. As you may have guessed, “Crash Site” is back, with the addition of the mech, which is being called a “pinger,” and I have no doubts that it’ll help turn the tide of battle.

So while I can’t toss out recruiter grenades, I can still stealth up, approach a pinger, and hijack it. It may not be as much fun as tossing out recruiter grenades, but one can dream.


  • Mindriot07

    Looks awesome. I never played any of the other two games as I have never had a computer that could ever run them but, I might have to check this out!