The Quest for the Rare Pit Amiibo

Pit AmiiboMandi, our Senior Editor, bought me the elusive Pit amiibo yesterday. This comes on the heels of a two-week obsessive hunt made difficult by the shortsighted rarity of these figures.

If you had your eyes on a particular amiibo for Christmas, the holiday most likely came and went without your wish being fulfilled. In order to get Pit for me, Mandi had to spend two entire weeks acting like a crazy person.

She keeps tabs open in her browser to watch GameStop and Best Buy’s amiibo stock. She’s found websites that let her track inventory for both Walmart and Target. She has notifications set on Amazon to alert her when the amiibo we want drop below a particular price point. She spent several days calling various GameStops at the mere glimmer of hope that one of the figures had made its way into the store’s stock, only to be told that the available stock was there to fulfill pre-orders and therefore unavailable.

Finally, she called one GameStop (which was about a 40-minute drive for her) just as they were scanning in the one single Pit amiibo they got that day. She asked them to hold the figure for an hour, then proceeded to lock her keys in her car. After some very friendly neighbors helped her out, she was able to make it to the store and claim the figure, which had been held beyond the hour limit that was initially agreed upon.

Had she not been so aggressively pursuing that particular amiibo, she’d have never gotten one.

Little Mac amiibo

Even so, she and I have still not been able to get our hands on the incredibly awesome Little Mac amiibo.

Part of me wants to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt on this. Amiibo were no doubt a risky business venture, and Nintendo is a company that seems to have acquired a tendency to lose vast amounts of money. So it makes sense that they would play it safe and make these figures in small runs to test the waters at first.

On the other hand, it’s not like the market wasn’t already tested. The Skylanders and Disney Infinity franchises are filling money bins from the sales of their respective figurines.DuckTales Money BinAnd Nintendo released a second wave of amiibo, after several figures in the first wave sold through completely. At this point, they had the chance to manufacture more of the sold-out wave 1 figures before the holidays, but they chose not to. And there are rumors that they have no plans to continue making “less popular” character amiibo once they sell through their first run. This has led many to believe Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer, the three rarest amiibo out right now, won’t be seeing a second run. If you missed them on the first round, these people claim, you’re out of luck.

Of course, there are also other sources claiming that Nintendo is, in fact, considering another run of the mega-rare figures from wave 1, though they’ve also tossed around the idea of putting amiibo-like functionality into cards instead of figurines (which seems incredibly lazy to me).

Either way, the confusion on the part of dedicated amiibo collectors is a direct result of Nintendo’s inability to make a clear statement about how they plan to proceed with the wave 1 amiibo shortage. I get that this was probably unexpected, but Nintendo has had time to fix the problem, or, at the very least, to make an official statement to reassure their fans. This is incredibly frustrating for amiibo seekers, a crowd Nintendo should be working hard to please if they like money at all.

In the meantime, I’ve turned our Senior Editor into my own personal amiibo-hunting assistant. She’s really good at it.

  • 123450

    How do you get a girl to drive 40 minutes to buy you amiibos? You must share your secrets.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      It’s all in the beard, son!