The Resident Evil Remaster Feels like Home Sweet Home

RE MansionThe new control scheme in the remastered version of Resident Evil took some time for me to get used to. I spent my first few minutes wrestling against the controls as I attempted to get Chris Redfield to walk in a straight line between camera angle shifts. Eventually, though, things started to click, and I was off to the races.

And what a race it is.One of the reasons I bought a GameCube was to experience the original Resident Evil remake, but I was never able to track down a copy. The newly remastered edition more than makes up for that lost opportunity.

ResidentEvilhallwaygunBecause I never played the GameCube remake, all the upgrades are completely new to me. I love the changes to the mansion layout, items, and puzzles. This is the first time I’ve seen this version of the opening, and the cutscene really brings the whole game together.

My favorite addition is probably the Crimson Head zombies, but there are a lot other of small changes I really appreciate. I especially like having to choose between killing fewer zombies or burning the corpses of the ones you take out.

While I still think the controls feel a bit bizarre, they’re no longer an issue for me. I wasn’t used to the fixed camera angles, and instinctively tried to move the camera as I played. Once I adjusted, walking in a straight line became a breeze.

This is more of a time-filler than a must-play title, but Resident Evil HD is still a fantastic remaster. It feels good to return to my old stomping grounds and re-discover a favorite game.